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As an Integrated MEP engineering consulting company our approach is Efficiency, Value Engineering and Compliance & making form and functions work.


Some of Our Noted Achievements and Skill Sets are:

ENERGY CONSERVATION : Part of MEP Design of Iconic USGBC LEED Platinum Buildings.


WATER CONSERVATION : Compliance to LEED, NBC and MoEF Guidelines on Water Efficiency and reuse of treated Waste Water


Fire and Life Safety  : Part of Large Hospitality, Retail, Business Occupancy Projects with highest bearing on Life Safety requriments.

We work closely with Green Building Consultant on Project Energy Modelling to aspire and achieve the most cost balanced EPI (Energy Performance Index) for the Project. With completed and presently working on large LEED Platinum Campus, we propose the most suited ECM (Energy Conservation Measures) to yield viable EPI to balance the capital cost with ROI (Return on Investment) on identified ECMs.   

As part of our Protech Operations in Fire and Life Safety Consulting, we work closely with Architects and Project Managers to assess the holistic life safety design aspect which includes as required on Evacuation Computer Modelling for large assembly areas and critical projects like healthcare and hotels. On the MEP Delivery, we keep strong commitment on Services Integration and moreover close delivery and participation on Fire Alarm Cause and Effect Matrix on-site implementation towards functioning of the System with addressable PA for large projects for efficient Crowd Management by the First Responders.


Our Key Offerings and Design Capability comprises of the following Services:

    • Mechanical (HVAC – High Side and Low Side & Smoke Management)

    • Electrical (HV,MV, Security, Automation and Fire Alarm + PA);

    • Public Health (Water {Cold Water Storage, Treatment, Distribution, Hot Water Generation}, Sewer/ Storm Water Drainage & STP);

    • Fire Safety (Protection & Fighting);
    • Resilience in Operations;
    • Elevators and Escalators;
    • IBMS Services with Sequence of Operations Logic Schematics
    • Life Safety (Compartmentation, Egress and Evacuation);

    • Smoke and Egress Simulation

Step Forward - Beyond Major Objective of Value Engineering, we align and assist on the Project with close working towards: 


     Design Optimization;

    • Ensure functional performance of the design being accepted;

    • Resilience in Operations;

    • Cost Optimization (Capital and Operating);

    • Optimize EPI (Energy Performance Index {Total Energy Used/ Total Built Up Area});

    • Compliance to LEED Guidelines on Energy, Atmosphere and Water;(Green Building Rating System) & importantly Code Compliance.

Our Deliveries are aligned to Project Manager PERT Schedule however on our proposal we consider:


Office Buildings


Data Centre






IT Hubs



Schematic Design Stage:


Concept Design Stage:

Conceptual design report identifying estimated air conditioning load, power requirement, water requirement, waste water generation for the Projects. The report describes the concept design for the utilities.


Preparation of preliminary drawings identifying the electro-mechanical spaces for air-conditioning equipment such as Chillers, VRF/ Split AC/ Air Washers, AHUs, Ventilation Fan Rooms, Cooling Towers, electrical spaces for Transformers, DG Sets, Panel Rooms, UPS, Plumbing spaces for water tanks, pump room, firefighting pump room, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and other requirements of low voltage system control room etc.

Updated MEP Services design report with design iterations, load calculation, recommendation on proposed equipment sizing/ selection.


MEP Services Block Diagram with pictorial MEP High Side Services detailed for Management Presentation and review.


Builders work interface and finalization of equipment areas/ rooms and shafts.


All equipment layouts and sizing based on capacity;


All Pipes and Services (single line) routings from High Side to distribution layouts/ terminals.


Engineering Single Line Schematics to detail the interface and proposed scheme for zoning and distribution optimisation.


Design Development Stage:

Updated MEP Services design report with budgetary cost estimate;


Detail Load Calculation – HVAC Heat Load, Electrical Calculations, Pipe Sizes and other calculation to arrive at distribution services sizes.


Preparation of design drawings based on approved architectural drawings, structural drawings and landscape layouts. These shall show all services in 2D Sizes (pipes, ducts in double line with cable tray sizes/ widths etc) and detailed with supporting sections (embedded in sections provided by the Architect having structural details interfaced)


TENDER Document Stage:

Upon coordination and approval of all design drawings, preparation of tender documents including special conditions of contract, specifications and detailed schedule of quantities on the basis of design drawings.


Detailed cost estimates on the basis of unit rates obtained in recently-invited similar tenders.


Upon approval of cost estimates, invitation of tenders from pre-qualified contractors recommended for each system.


Comprehensive comparative statement of technical, commercial and price bids received, joint negotiations and recommendation for award of contracts.


Construction Stage:

Verification of contractor’s shop drawings and recommendation for execution.


Assistance is given for testing and commissioning of each system, and review of test report from services contractors.


Assistance to Project Manager in obtaining from the contractors as-installed drawings, list of recommended spares and Operation & Maintenance manuals for the system installed by them.


Proion with its close working in Academia  and with over +20 Years of Experience in Consulting commits to work with Global Knowledge yet Local aspects and challenges.

Performance, Reliability and Optimization  will be the Key Design Attributes with the foundation of Safety and Energy/ Water Efficiency as part of our MEP Offering.

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