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Proion’s Mascot – Proto

The Creation of Proto – Thoughts, Ideas and Approach

I am pleased to create Proion’s Mascot Proto.

Proto express Youth, Energy, Intelligence and Commitment.

The Spectacle on Proto makes him Smart, Intelligent and Focus. For today’s fashion trend I give him modern casual T-Shirt with blue fabric, maroon collar & arm band and finally black dots at shoulder and arm. The choice of color is with blue being symbol of peace, calm and hard work, maroon being a brownish-red shade, stands for passion, confidence, creativity, while with Black Dots in the fabric symbolizes that he is not going backward in case he is to rub his shoulder with some hardship during site visits and inspection of Services Areas.

The board in his hand represents that he is organized, passionate and sincere about his works. His thumps up position indicates the positivity and the past track records and futuristic aspiration to successfully complete his assignment.

At the background of the Proto Character, I have drawn round circle in Orange Color because of Proion’s belief in the aspect of the Energy of Sun being conducive to the Society and the blessings of God through positive energy.

I wish Proion all good working and excellence in their operations.


Debasish Sarma – Times of India

Date 30th March 2016, Place Mumbai, India

The Spirit of Team Proion is well echoed in Proion’s Mascot – Proto


proion team

We are a team of Professional, Experienced & Committed Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineers and designers on board for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection Design and Fire & life Safety Design Consulting.

Proion team has designed some large Hospitality, Healthcare, Core &Shell, Mixed Use, Residential, Plotted Development, College Campus and Industrial Projects & Buildings.

Working collectively, the right people with the right tools, we successfully accomplish project goals and objectives. It is this mindset that sets PROION apart from others. 

Proion has in-house team for all discipline and does not outsource any of its work. & We have a good environment.Working collectively, the right people with the right tools, we successfully accomplish project goals and objectives.


It is this mindset that sets PROION apart from others.


At Proion, we believe – “A Elated Team Yields Ecstatic Results”. Results driven on foundation of Ownership, Accountability, Contribution and Innovation.


We strive to provide the Joy of Working to our Team. Employee satisfaction is our Goal to have our Team happy, motivated, goal achievement accomplishment, positive morale, work life balance and also importantly the opportunity to take ownership of both success and failure.

Proion holds accountability towards all its designs and for its identified Clients procures Indemnity Insurance for the Project as so agreed under the terms of contract. We have over INR +7,00,00,000 (USD 1 Million) as Indemnity Insurance maintenance progressive for last over 6 Years with YOY Premium Credit to National Organization(s), which was and is continued to be issued based on our Track Record.


Work Life Balance

Commitment with Work Life Balance - Senior Management at Proion realised the key to success is not just hard work but also smart work. We are an Organization where planning is a ritual. We plan our deliveries and ensure the quality and timing are well accounted in our commitments. Employees are not exposed with pressures of deliveries which are impractical and meaningful. We propose genuine time frame for delivery of design and honour our commitment time and again with Zero Tolerance on failure of date of commitment. This brings trust with our Clients and also helps the Team to plan efficiently and productively. A polite request to Client on the grant of time for submission is accepted and then we strive to meet the timelines without failure. We win the Trust of the Client and also our team remain motivated as they take ownership of the commitment. This helps our Team to strive Work Life Balance.

Family First

Family First – At Proion, we recognise for better productivity, individual require a Calm Mind. We also realise the pain of suffering in the family and the offset we can best strive for our Colleagues is to provide relief from the pain of Financial Constrains. At Proion, we ensure to provide Medical Coverage to each of our Team and their Family to ease the financial constrains and help them to get healthier faster and care which is the most important element in the happiness and well being of the patient. A happy colleague comes back with higher energy and commitment to bring back life to full circle in meeting the lost time


Training and Seminars – We encourage our Team to proactively participate in Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions. The Team is also required to submit their learning from such Seminars and share their experiences with fellow colleagues leading to sense of contribution and leadership by the Senior Colleagues to the young engineers in the Team. Pictures from Site Visit and Conferences are digitised and shared with the Team also leading to strong data base for future reference. We also conduct in-house seminars and ensure records are maintained and inputs used in upgrading of our Specifications and Design Documents in future deliveries.


New Delhi Office

USGBC -LEED Certified

Air Quality

Air - The quality of air within an office can have a significant impact on your employees Health and in turn Productivity. A few ways Proion is trying make an impact the air quality in the office:

Maintaining 30% Extra Fresh Air;

Use of Fresh Air Filtration Units;

Using Plants on Hydroponics;

Maintain healthy level of Temperature (27 Deg C) and Humidity (55%);

Implemented a no-smoking policy, within 25ft from entrances (as also required by LEED).

AQI PM 2.5, CO2 maintained within permissible limit using filters, fans beyond ASHRAE requirement (Air Quality Monitoring)
Ceiling fans provided in addition to Air Conditioning to maintain comfortable temperature at lesser energy requirements. (Air Quality Monitoring)

Lighting Levels

Good workplace lighting plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace by permitting employees to work efficiently and comfortably. and We provide better lights For normal light  20 LUX  for General Conversation, 30 LUX for Tv & Display, "SHINE YOUR LIGHT AND MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD"


Monitoring water usage enables us to understand water use patterns and identify potential inefficiencies. It is also essential to setting reduction targets in water us.Proion believes that tracking water use, is an integral part of an Energy Management System and our contribution towards saving the already depleting natural resources. At Proion Consultants, Sensor based taps and push taps have been provided for hand wash to conserve water. Our LPD consumption is 28LPD in comparison to NBC requirements of 45 LPD. The Water Closet at Proion are the Greenest in its Manufacturing.​

Sensor based taps and push taps provided for hand wash to conserve water. LPD consumption reduced to 28LPD in comparison to NBC requirements of 45 LPD. (Water Consumption Monitoring)
Greenest Water Closet. (Water Consumption Monitoring)

Solar PV

Renewable Energy Source. Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important thing is that solar energy is a truly Renewable energy source, Reduces Electricity Bills, Diverse Applications Protect against changing utility rates. As demand for energy rises and non-renewable resource pools shrink, the cost of energy goes up. Become a Green Buisness

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