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We at Proion, very solemnly and profoundly believe and work in principles:


Proion has an extensive collection and library of books and reference material for Codes and Standards which lend authenticity and are a constant referral while delivering on projects.

Our resources give us an extra edge, as these ensure compliance of prevalent codes and standards to the core while designing.


Stand-Alone Wireless Presentation System

Cisco Webex

Advanced video conferencing made easy, This is a video-first, connected meeting experience that lets people host or join from anywhere. Proion believes in brainstorming and resolution and mitigation of design issues and conflicts. We extensively use WebEx for conducting meetings, discussions with our Clients and associates. With this connected meeting experience,we can host or join from anywhere.

Proion constantly looks for new methods to enhance confidence in its meeting room technology. Click-share is a wireless presentation system, with which we can simply share what’s on our laptop or mobile device, on the presentation screen. No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in. This reduces a lot of unnecessary fuss and saves time.

Professional environment demands sharing content as a primary need. Anyone, including guests, can connect with one click and share right away, without the need for any training, the content from their laptop or mobile device on the meeting room screen.

Our Servuces

File Management Server High Capacity

We have a Server which provides a secure and centralized method of data storage. It also helps us ensure secure data preservation and retrieval as and when required.

DocuXplorer Cloud Version.jpg

At, Proion, we realise the Embodied Energy in making of IT System and Equipment. Towards our belief and 

contribution in Saving the Enviroment, we buy Refurbished IT Systems for low end use. This help us save planet, Resources and Capital Cost Optimisation enabling us to invest in other necessities

Why Buy Refurbished?

Cloud Based File Managment

We have a cloud-based management system of documents. This system improves document security from threats whether deliberate or natural, offering us better scalability than traditional in-house systems. The system increases the collaboration and coordination between Teams within and outside office making workflows result oriented. Cloud management systems also reduce the costs related to document management.

Use of Licensed Software

We use all licensed software for our working and deliverables. This gives us a boost in our working as we receive round the clock Tech support of the license providers which ensures seamless deliverables with no glitches due to non-performance of software.



At Proion, we maintain the latest and most updated catalogues in e-format and also to the extent possible in our Library in hard copy format. Some of the catalogues are also scanned an uploaded on our servers well-kept file management system with cloud access to allow our team to access these from remote location and advising client on the best, optimized and most efficient solution coming from our reliable OEM Support and Database


Asset Management System

We use Asset management system to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, beginning from procurement, repairs, maintenance to its disposal. It helps us with crucial information like where the asset is located, who is using it, how it is being utilized and other details about the asset. Manually entering data into inventory is a thing of the past. Not only is it tedious and time-consuming, it is also error prone. We, at Proion, use QR codes to track the asset life cycle. 


Vendor Interaction

Vendors not only supply products but also valuable insight helping us keeping up to date with the latest technologies and firsthand field experience. We time and again invite Vendors to discuss and have presentations with us about the innovations enabling us to provide our Clients with better design ideas.

Visitor Management System


With professional Visitor Registration, we save time spent on signing in visitors, completing their paperwork. Our visitors sign-in themselves, while the system automatically notifies the host via email. The Visitor Registration also enables frequent visitors the ease of signing in automatically upon arrival as the system saves their information. This system also helps us maintain track record of the Visitors and we compile data on monthly basis with mails being sent to our Visitors towards expressing support and gratitude to our team. This helps our team to access electronic record of any of the Visitor and business card and information of the Visitor does not remain confined to the few individuals in the office bringing more transparency and ease of communication. It also helps us showcase the ardent and enthusiastic efforts we take to care for our visitors



At Proion, we believe in Employee Safety and Comfort. We use Uber Business for our Colleagues to commute to/from meetings and this helps in time efficiency and better productivity of our Team.

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